Common questions asked by our users. If you cant find what you are searching for, please contact us.

How To Earn Credits

After you log in, click on the link "Earn Credits", it will take you to the offers list. On this page, you will find a list of offers with their payout amounts. Click on the banner or the link of the offer that interests you. Enter your valid information when you fill in the information requested. Once you have completed the offer, wait for the advertiser to approve your lead (Usually instantly).

How do I withdraw from OPSkins.com?

  1. Visit https://opskins.com.
  2. Login with your Steam Account [As you did in DrCSGO].
  3. Set your Trade URL in settings.
  4. Choose your item and add it to cart.
  5. Go to cart and click "Checkout & Withdraw".

What are the site rules I must follow?

  1. Never make more than one account
  2. Do not use Proxy/VPN or any other way to change your IP/Country.
  3. Never cheat/fraud in survey/offer
  4. Do not login from friend's home, school, cafe

How Long It Takes To Process The Order?

It usually takes few hours. But sometimes it may take upto 72 hours, depending on order load.

How To Cancel An Order?

It is not possible to cancel an order right now.

My Steam Account Can Not Trade, How Can I Redeem My Order?

You can not, your Steam account must be able to trade.